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Attorney Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Overview

In today's economy, more and more families are struggling to meet their monthly credit obligations and other financial needs.

This has placed an enormous strain and stress on our client’s daily lifestyle and emotional well-being.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you do not have to work through them alone. Attorney Bankruptcy Services can help you. We are a bankruptcy law firm based in Seattle, Washington that concentrates in individual consumer bankruptcy matters, including foreclosure defense and Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases.

In addition, we assist clients avoiding bankruptcy in creditor workouts and other non-bankruptcy financial plans.

We serve clients in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap, Jefferson and Island Counties. We hope this bankruptcy overview will give you a better idea of what we do, how we can help you, and what you are facing in eliminating your debt.

Our clients come from all walks of life and never would have predicted that their financial instability would require the guidance of a bankruptcy lawyer.

We also understand that bankruptcy is a difficult and stressful period that requires our patience and compassion.

We have represented hundreds of individuals who considered themselves financially secure, but nonetheless, have found themselves unable to pay their bills and make all ends meet at the end of each and every month.

If you have been covering shortfalls in your monthly bills using credit cards, loans, and lines of credit that are depleting your available credit lines and/or the equity in your home, you may begin to wonder:

  • What will happen when I begin to fall behind in my monthly credit payments and creditors demand payment?
  • Will my employer be contacted?
  • How about my credit references and friends and relatives listed on my credit application?
  • Will I face a foreclosure action and lose my home?
  • Will my car be repossessed?
  • Can creditors seize my bank accounts or garnish my paycheck?

Although bankruptcy is a serious matter, it is usually the only option left for most people facing difficult financial problems. The reason for this is that our clients exhaust all alternatives, including but not limited to borrowing from one credit card or loan to pay the minimum payments of other credit obligations.

After interest rates skyrocket to 30% or creditors have initiated legal action against an individual, most people have no way to pay the interest, let alone the principal amount of their debts.

Most of our clients try their best to keep up with recurring credit payments, but once a creditor takes action, bankruptcy may become the necessary last resort.

By representing you, Attorney Bankruptcy Services can stop lawsuits, garnishments, harassment and all other creditor action, and will put you back on the path to financial freedom.

Immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, your creditors are prohibited from taking any further action against you in most circumstances; even if a judgment has been entered against you and/or you are facing garnishment.

Don't listen to creditor threats, collection agents earn commissions on money they collect for your creditors.

Please look around our website for more information, or to speak to us directly just contact us anytime. To receive a free consultation regarding your (or your friend or family member’s) debt problems, please contact us today.

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