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Attorney Bankruptcy Services

About The Firm

Attorney Bankruptcy Services is a downtown Seattle, Washington law firm and debt relief agency.

We provide knowledgeable, compassionate and low-cost legal representation to individuals and businesses facing serious financial problems in Washington State.

Unlike other bankruptcy firms, Attorney Bankruptcy Services does not represent creditors.

Our lawyers are aggressive advocates for debtors and their families, and we completely understand what people are going through when they need our debt relief services.

If you are unable to pay medical debt, credit card debt or any other debt, we can help.

If you must immediately stop a home foreclosure, car repossession, or wage garnishment, we can help.

If you need debt relief, Attorney Bankruptcy Services can help.

Our solutions are fit to your specific circumstances, and your personal situation.

We understand that such financial difficulties most often result from unexpected life changes, such as divorce, serious illness/injury, business failure, or job loss.

Consequently, our goal is simple:
Debt relief and the protection of your property and assets.

Depending on your individual financial situation, one of the following debt solutions may be right for you:

  • Chapter 7 – Eliminate credit card, medical, and other debt while keeping your property and assets.

  • Chapter 13 – Save your home, car or other property if you have fallen behind on monthly payments.

  • Chapter 11 – Re-organize your personal or business debt.

  • Creditor Workout – Avoid bankruptcy by negotiating discounted settlements and payoffs with creditors outside of the bankruptcy court.
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